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Mike McVay is interviewed by Jacobs Media’s Seth Resler during the 2019 Worldwide Radio Summit. (Note: Mike was the EVP/Content & Programming for Cumulus Media/Westwood One at the time of the interview.)

Several programming minds of North America, Including Mike McVay, offer predictions and projections for Radio Programming in 2020:    


“Just as some systems become weaker under stress and external forces, other systems gain strength under stress from external forces.”

- Nassim Taleb

“You have to have a full life to be able to create. You can’t create from emptiness.”

- Ralph Lauren, designer, from the HBO Special Very Ralph.

The audience is fragile.

It isn’t your birthright to have them as listeners. You can easily and accidentally fail their expectations. If that happens … it takes a long time to bring them back.

Mike on the Gracies Interview Series

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Benztown+McVay Media Podcast Networks and Dave Beasing’s SOUND That Brands, are joining forces with National Geographic Networks to produce a For Your Consideration podcast series promoting an entertainment network’s awards contenders.

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Mike McVay interviewed Dr. Sanjay Gupta to kickoff Radio Ink’s Forecast 2021 on December 8th 2020.

Celebrated radio consultant Mike McVay and venerable talent coach Steve Reynolds join host Josh Miely to commemorate the 150th episode of the NAB Podcast with a deep dive into their craft. How have the last 16 months reshaped morning shows? How can talent stand out among endless content choices? What advice do they have for you looking ahead? Mike and Steve tackle these questions and more together.