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Holland Cooke, News/Talk Specialist,
McVay Media
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jim glass   Jim Glass , News/Talk Specialist,
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Suddenly, Millions of New Radios, Right In Their Pockets!
Blackberry's blockbuster revelation about the long-rumored FM "sleeper chip" is just one of the stories our Holland Cooke reports on, from the massive, mind-boggling 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.  Get your instant free download of HC's CES notes.


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Suddenly, Millions of New Radios, Right In Their Pockets!
Blackberry's blockbuster revelation about the long-rumored FM "sleeper chip" is just one of the stories our Holland Cooke reports on, from the massive, mind-boggling 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.  Get your instant free download of HC's CES notes.

Las Vegas Locals Heard Why…
traffic was snarled around the Convention Center for a week, when our Holland Cooke gave 'em the 411 on the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show on KDWN's Heidi Harris Show.

What You Missed, If You Couldn't Make It To Baltimore
Our Holland Cooke covered the recent Arbitron Client Conference for Talkers magazine.

Many -- Maybe Most -- Stations Use Facebook Wrong...
...according to research professionals. Read how, in notes from Arbitron's Client Conference, by McVay/Cook's Holland Cooke.

Where Will Talk Radio Be In Five Years?
Imagine how often our News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke is asked? This month, his forecast...

Survival Speech: Critical Communication Skills For The Way Things Are Now
McVay Media's Holland Cooke, speaking at Talkers magazine's 2011 New Media Seminar in New York.

Walking The Talk
"Every time I do this, I end up writing shorter aircheck reviews," McVay Media News/Talk consultant Holland Cooke muses after guest-hosting The Allan Handelman Show on North Carolina's SuperStation WZTK.   Click-to-listen.  And what you'll hear is tantamount to a listener focus group that reminds us how many competitors radio has for listeners' attention.

The Often-Unsung Heroes of GREAT Talk Radio?
Screeners! McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke explains why, and how effective technique can up-your-call-count, and make your show sound popular. To download his free White Paper, send E-mail to Mere moments later, the E-robot will deliver.

Meet The Consultants:
Holland Cooke, News/Talk

"Recipe for frustration: cherry-picking only-certain-tactics which comprise a larger strategy the consultant maps-out.  Instead, "just do it," because tactics are inter-related, and "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts."
Read more from Holland Cooke...
A new weekly series!

FREE "PPM Food" for your Station:
5-Part Week-Long Series: "Tips For Job-Seekers."

Market-exclusive if you RSVP first. No contract, no affidavit, no national spot. Sell it locally and KEEP THE MONEY!

McVay Media's Holland Cooke reports from the massive, mind-boggling 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

Ways to Make Money with Digital Media
During the most recent News Talk Boot Camp in Los Angeles, Mike McVay represented McVay New Media and McVay Media, and presented 6 Tips and a Power Point with 10 Tips on what radio stations can do NOW to generate revenue on-line.

Couldn't Make It To The NAB/RAB Radio Show in Washington?
McVay Media's Holland Cooke was there, scribbling-as-fast-as-he-could. Read HC's Radio Show notes.

FM News/Talk: Why NOW?
Holland Cooke on why the time is right for a talk solution to your problem child music FM...

Are Your Promos Frightening Advertisers?
What happens when advertisers are hearing the consistent message that the-world-is-going-to-hell on talk radio promos?

What’s Your Station’s “Elevator Speech?”
Remember Public Speaking 101?
“At the end of the speech, what ONE THING do you want ‘em to remember?”

What Should Not Be Said On The Radio?
One thing we’re learning from PPM audience measurement is that listeners’ attention is fragile. Click to watch and listen as Talk Radio hosts and station owners discuss potty-mouth, trash talk, and bad grammar.

Two Things To Include In Every Anchor Intro
Pay special attention to the first and last line of the news anchor intro.

Is Sarah Palin...Over?
Maybe for now, but not forever, according to McVay Media News/Talk consultant Holland Cooke on MSNBC's "The Ed Show.

On-Air Talent: Your Survive-and-Prosper Repertoire
Still working? Or looking for work? Lately, it’s a thin line. Doing a better show – “the fundamentals” -- has never been more important. McVay Media's Holland Cooke offers specific tips to be more-engaging, more-listener-friendly, more-useful. Do this stuff and you WILL get better ratings.

Broadcast Journalist Rita Cosby Releases New Book About World War II
Broadcast journalist Rita Cosby's new book QUIET HERO: Secrets From My Father’s Past reminds us all what it really means to be an American. Rita is proud to be is partnering with the USO on a massive, new campaign called Operation Enduring Care, which will help wounded warriors and their families.
Book proceeds will go towards this $100 million initiative, as well as two museums in Poland, the Warsaw Rising Museum and The Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which is being built where the Warsaw Ghetto once stood.

The Loss of Detroit's Great Story Teller
Charlie Cook discusses his personal take on the loss of Ernie Harwell.

A Radio Legend is Gone
Ernie Harwell, the beloved longtime voice of Major League Baseball's Detroit Tigers, died of cancer at his Michigan home Tuesday evening. Read Ken Levine's moving tribute to this radio legend.

Pay-To-Play Music Radio
Is Talk radio ready for when this happens? Updated to feature video of Holland Cooke discussing the topic on MSNBC's "The Ed Show."

Why Just Radio? Why Only Local?
Why, and how, you should self-publish on the Internet...and how to MAKE MONEY
there. Video of McVay Media's Holland Cooke, presenting at the 2010 Talkers
magazine New Media Seminar.

Talk About...Talk Radio
McVay Media's Holland Cooke, on MSNBC's "The Ed Show," discuss whether right wing talk radio has gone too far.

Forbidden NewsSpeak Words & Phrases
Flee. Authorities. Behind Bars. Motorist. Words to avoid on today's radio newscast.

Shaquille O'Neal Portraits by Peter Max Available for Free Listener Giveaways!

It's A Solid Gold Weekend
At many News/Talk stations, only morning drive is a bigger money-maker than weekends. "How-to" specialty shows can be extremely advertiser-friendly, and needn’t be audience tear gas.Some of these shows are paid programming, brokered hours in-which the presenter doesn’t even keep commercial inventory. In this special report, McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke outlines strategies and tactics for making your station's weekend fare "appointment listening" and premium Sales inventory.

Streaming Listener Trends
Bridge Ratings takes a closer look at the difference between streaming listeners of AM/FM simulcast and those of Internet-only channels.

The Future of Radio?
That was the topic...for an hour...IN MORNING DRIVE...when McVay Media's Holland Cooke sat-in with KDWN/Las Vegas' Heidi Harris.

CES2010: Wow!
McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke covered the recent 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, for Westwood One's "America in the Morning" and Jim Bohannon Show. And while in Las Vegas, HC did an hour with KDWN's Heidi Harris, discussing the state of radio today, and how you no longer need a radio station to do a talk show.
Click to listen to his reports

H1N1 State of Emergency
As USA H1N1 deaths top 1000, President Obama declares National Emergency. WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOUR STATION, from McVay Media's Holland Cooke.

2009 NAB Radio Show
Couldn't be in Philadelphia? Download 12 pages of Radio Show notes, from McVay Media's Holland Cooke.

Lessons Learned from Letterman's Liason(s)
Holland Cooke provides some tips for handling unfavorable news about your station. Plus some insight as to the impact of "bad publicity."

Meet The Man Who Inspired Norman Rockwell

Will Talk Radio's "Dog Whistle" Spark New Violence?
Holland Cooke writes for the Daily Kos and says, "I fear new violence, provoked by something my own industry is doing. I say so, willing to risk sounding alarmist, because I have the attention of the people responsible for what's on Talk Radio. They need to understand how some among us are being irresponsible."

Terrorist Action Plan
With the U.S. threat level at high (orange) the Department of Homeland Security cautions that American’s should not relax their awareness that national and local targets remain at risk. Jim Glass provides a plan to ensure that all personnel is trained how to respond no matter what day of the week.

UPDATED: The Crisis File
Jim Glass updates his quick reference on how to respond to a variety of emergency situations.

The "Man" Has Lost Control Of The Media
You are in control now. Look no further than Iran, where it’s tyranny vs. Twitter. Got something to say? Want to say it on the Internet? Want to do a show anyone can hear, anywhere? Listen as Holland Cooke guests on The Jim Bohannon Show.

Life AFTER Radio:
Your Personal Plan B

Click to view McVay Media's Holland Cooke at the recent Talkers magazine New Media Seminar.

In the latest newsletter from McVay Media's Holland Cooke: 5 tips for on-air talent, HC's notes from the Streaming Media East conference, and some plain talk about the not-so-distant future of your station and your career..

If You're Not The Baseball Station Part 2
Why even sign on during the summer months? In Part 2 of his feature, Jim Glass tells you how to steal the sports postion without paying the licensing fees. PDF Format

If You're Not The Baseball Station...
Why even sign on during the summer months? Jim Glass examine ways to program and sell against America's favorite pasttime. Updated for 2009 with updated MLB regulations. PDF Format

Surviving 2009: Think 1849
Who made money during the Gold Rush? Levi Strauss. And the guys selling maps
and picks and shovels. That can be radio, right now, as McVay Media's Holland
Cooke outlines.

Sports Franchise Promotional Precautions
Jim Glass provides guidelines for protecting your station when conducting contests, events, or promotions involving all college and professional team/leagues.

Is Your Head In The Sand?
Bouncing back from the holidays is a good time to regain focus...but first we need to reafirm that our heads are on straight!

How Arbitron's PPM Confirms AND Debunks Conventional Wisdom
What Portable People Meter data reveals, useful even if you're a diary market, and NOT-for-nerds-only: Notes from Arbitron's recent Consultant Fly-In from McVay Media's Holland Cooke.

Free! Holland Cooke's NAB Radio Show Newsletter
FREE to clients this month! Holland shares his notes and observations from the NAB Radio Show. It's like being there! Client Exclusive

Podcasting Made Profitable
Read about "The 4 P's of Podcasting," and a great FREE tool, in Holland Cooke's notes at the recent New Media Expo in Las Vegas.

Evidence is Everywhere:
Demographic demand will shift.

NewsTALK vs. SportsTALK
Not Just Game Stats If You Know How To Push The Hot Buttons!

The McVay Media News Checklist
Presenting a "baker's dozen" of suggestions for critiquing your news department..

AM Radio's Best Friend Every Summer? Baseball!
If you've got the game, it's to be the cheerleaders...

Viva Las Vegas!
Holland Cooke reports from NAB2008!

Fun on the AM
Imagination + Promotion = Fun + Buzz + Bucks.

TWO WORDS Talk Hosts Should Avoid?
Two of the words too many Talk hosts use too often, according to McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke..

Talent Self-Evaluation; Ego vs Growth
Jim Glass provides some tips on training yourself to be your own best critic.

Manager's Self-Evaluation Snapshot
The New Year finds us looking for a fresh start. Grab a cup of coffee, and ask yourself if you do the following...

Sean Hannity Shares Ratings Success Secret
He – personally -- has invested aggressively in professional Portable People Meter data analysis.  He shared his winning technique at Arbitron's recent Consultant Fly-In, where he spoke with McVay Media's Holland Cooke.  Read how you can emulate what Sean does, in-house, using your diary data.    Read also: 

Ask The Ears
"You know you're listening to a smart radio station WHEN...?"  And vice-versa: "You shake your head when you hear a station...?"  McVay Media News/Talk consultant affords his well-traveled colleagues NO prep time for these fundamental questions.  Does any-of-what-they-describe sound familiar?

Hottest Sales Demo
They're last year's sleeper: upper-end baby boomers.

Tips for Great Live Endorsement Spots
Hear case studies and success techniques you can emulate. McVay Media's Holland Cooke interviews three hosts who can SELL-SELL-SELL.

What Radio Can Learn About Internet NTR From A Blender you'll read in Holland Cooke's notes from the 2007 Streaming Media West conference.

New Rules for a New Media Landscape
This may be a new record, even for a consultant! McVay Media's Holland Cooke attended FOUR conventions in ONE week. First, the NAB Radio Show and co-located R&R Convention in Charlotte. Then the 3rd annual Podcast & New Media Expo in California. Then, Las Vegas, for the Electronic Retailers' Association conference...AN INFOMERCIAL CONVENTION. "The-order-in-which these shows occurred could not have been better," Cooke observed. "The conversation went from on-air to online to marrying-the-two, and suggests a specific, 6-point Business Plan for radio stations in 2008." While HC feverishly deciphers his notes into the next level of detail, he outlines those 6 points in this PDF.

PPM: Now It Counts
Portable People Meter numbers are now in-tab in Philadelphia and Houston. And yes-there-are few surprises...and one factoid that Programming, Promotion, and Sales WILL want to know. McVay Media's Holland Cooke summarize the conference in this download.
Also see-and-hear, when Arbitron VP Gary Marince was careless enough to ask him to "do the announcements," ex-DJ HC reverted to his misspent youth.

What Would You Tell Imus?
As rumors swirl that a comeback is imminent, Forbes asked McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke what he'd tell The I-Man...

Dog Days of Summer
Perfect for summer time reading: Jim Glass shares a nostalgic look at our off-the-wall business.

McVay Media Unplugged at Conclave
Mike McVay, Daniel Anstandig, Mike Butts, Heather Cohen, Jason Muth, Barb Richards, David Rogerson, Ed Salamon, and Holland Cooke, swapping radio stories over dinner at Conclave 2007. YouTube Video

Talking of Breakfast
Does your breakfast show have the talent and skills to drop music and be all talk?

At Talk Radio Convention: Talk Goes Beyond Radio
At Talkers magazine's 10th annual New Media Seminar, McVay Media's Holland Cooke spoke...and lurked. Here's YouTube video from his candid camera.

Forget "Time Management!"
News flash: Time will not be managed. But tasks can be. As we install new PDs at several client stations, McVay Media's Holland Cooke offers 4 proven techniques for keeping-your-workday-under-25-hours.

What's Your Favorite Radio Station? Why?
Look-and-listen as McVay Media's Holland Cooke interviews 25-54s from across the USA (YouTube video).

The Imus Brand Implosion
Laura Ries tracks the collapse and offers some lessons for the future.

Talk, About Talk Radio
If you missed R&R's recent Talk Radio Seminar in California, click here to read notes from McVay Media's Holland Cooke [PDF] and here for HC's UNOFFICIAL convention video [YouTube].

McVay Media's Holland Cooke describes The Emperor's New Clothes, in RadioWorld magazine.

Revenue...Right Under Your Nose
An overflow crowd showed up for McVay Media's Holland Cooke at the 2007 Radio Advertising Bureau convention. See-and-hear a clip, in which HC describes a common programming mistake...and a fix that your Sales department will LOVE.

If Al Gore Can Turn His Powerpoint Into A Major Motion Picture, I Can At Least Put Mine On YouTube!
See-and-hear "5 Ways To Make Your Arbitron Ratings Go UP!" by McVay Media's Holland Cooke. And The Boss will love this: 4 of 'em are FREE.

Two Tips for Endorsement Spots for Supermarkets
From McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke

2500+ Jam Podcasting Convention. Enthused, Quirky, Not Just Hobbyists.
There was an Elvis a chicken suit! And a TV reporter whose crew didn't seem to notice he wasn't wearing pants. There were more T-shirts than suits...but more suits than last the 2nd annual Portable Media Expo. McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke has photos, audio, and conference notes.

What You Missed If You Missed NAB Radio Show and R&R Convention in Dallas
McVay Media News/Talk Specialist Holland Cooke was there,scribbling-as-fast-as-he-could. He hardly came up for air! All-work-and-no-play...AT A CONVENTION, no less! His notes are in his October newsletter. For your FREE copy, click here to send a blank email. Moments later, your download [PDF format] will arrive.

Two words Talk hosts should avoid on-air: CONSERVATIVE & LIBERAL

Solid Gold Weekend!
FREE: Holland Cooke's special report on News/Talk weekend programming: strategy, tactics, production tricks, and sales tips.

The Program Director Profile
Jim Glass provides a four-part "growth barometer" for radio programmers.

Talk Show Hosts - Make Your Phone Ring Faster
Here's how to give out the call-in number...

Promo copy writers: Avoid "Simulcast"
How to translate industry lingo into benefit statements.

Side Channels? You Want Side Channels?
Holland Cooke on how to achieve side channel broadcasting today via podcasting and streaming.

12 Seconds of Greatness: How the Very First Things You Say Can Multiply Your Ratings
McVay Media news/talk specialist Holland Cooke addressed the important point talk radio hosts often fail to grasp: hooking your listeners with the very first things you say at the beginning of your show.

Don't Just Spend Money On Other Media
Sales & Promotions: Don’t just spend money on OTHER media. What free opportunities are right under your very own nose?


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